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A Title IX Lawyer Can Help Students Accused of Sexual Assault

May 31

Tamara represents students who are facing Title IX hearings or college or university investigations based on sex-based allegations. She works to ensure that schools follow the laws and conduct a fair investigation and determination of all complaints.

A Title IX attorney can ensure that investigators, decision-makers and other stakeholders are objective and evaluate the evidence from a proper perspective. She can also reduce the consequences that result from a determination of responsibility.


College students are often at an especially vulnerable point when it comes to sexual misconduct allegations. A student found guilty of a Title IX offense can be suspended or expelled, lose their athletic scholarships and other financial aid, and may have trouble finding another school that will accept them. Even if a student is falsely accused, the consequences of being found guilty could have a lasting impact on their life. An attorney-advisor will help you navigate through the school's disciplinary processes.

Schools have an important duty to protect students from harassment, discrimination and assault. Almost always, when complaints are made about these violations, a long disciplinary hearing and investigation process is initiated with administrators, sanction boards, and student panels. Your lawyer can act as a communication middleman to ensure that statements that could undermine your defense are not made to the wrong parties, and can assist you in gathering evidence and filing an appeal. He or she can also file retaliation lawsuits on your account if someone tries to contact your accuser, or interferes in your case.

Job Opportunities

A Title IX Lawyer Carbondale could help faculty members, staff and coaches accused sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination. This type can lead to university hearings, criminal charges or both depending on the severity.

It is common for schools to rush through these investigations, which can result in important evidence being overlooked or misinterpreted. Students and employees may also be reluctant to share information with investigators. This can also lead to the omission of exculpatory evidence.

If you are a student, employee or professor facing an unjust accusation for sexual assault on campus, you should contact an experienced Rochester Title IX attorney as soon possible. Our firm represents countless professors, students, and coaches who have been accused of Title IX violations. We help them navigate the process, protect their rights, and guide them through the investigation. Moreover, our firm has handled numerous sexual assault and discrimination cases in the employment context, such as claims involving voyeurism or unauthorized photos or video, and we have extensive knowledge of federal and state laws regarding gender-based exploitation.


Title IX investigations may include an examination of the school's athletic program. The law prohibits discrimination based on gender in any educational program receiving federal financial assistance. These programs also include college sports teams, and other related activities.

Title IX for athletics requires that schools pass a three part test. One requirement involves "participation." To satisfy this requirement, institutions must demonstrate that they provide equal opportunities for male and women athletes in terms participation rates, financial aid, and academic competition.

Unfortunately, there are still instances of sex discrimination within athletic departments. This can happen when a team captain, coach, or another staff member is accused sexual harassment or assault. It's possible that a school will retaliate towards an athlete if they file a claim or make a complaint. It's vital to have a Title IX defense lawyer on your side.

Civil Rights

Students accused of sexual misconduct have particularly vulnerable rights. Students who are accused of sexual misconduct can face severe punishments, such as suspension or expulsion. They may also lose athletic scholarships and find it hard to find another institution that will accept them. A good Title IX law firm can help defend their rights on campus.

Your attorney will represent you during a hearing to ensure that you receive the rights promised in your school's Title IX guidelines and policies. They will also act as a communication middleman to prevent statements that could undermine your defense from being said to the wrong people, and they will work to identify witnesses and evidence in support of your case.

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Lastly, a good Title IX defense lawyer can file retaliation claims on your behalf if your accuser's behavior is retaliatory or harassing. This includes retaliation via text messages, email or other informal communications.